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The master is used to deepen scientific and technical extension of the study of landscape architecture and is preparing to leadership positions in professional and research and development activities at national and international level. It is based on a relevant bachelor degree at the TUM or high school, equivalent to the diploma and ables to promotion. The standard period for the Master is for students with a six-semester bachelor's degree and a work experience of one semester (or internship abroad from 2010) four semesters, for students with an eight-semester bachelor's degree with an integrated internship three semesters.

Landscape architecture...
... is a creative and planning discipline, meeting in the aesthetic-artistic, scientific and technical methods to-quality design of outdoor spaces and landscapes. All university programs in landscape architecture focus today on the complex challenges brought about by the industrial and post-industrial change in urban areas, open space and landscape.
Courses at the TU Munich will focus on the design and development of new open spaces and landscapes in an intense confrontation with the existing historical structures of the area.
In the center is the design in an argumentative, reflective and structured methodology that leads to a close association of artistic and scientific work. The permanent link between context and design as the core of landscape architecture marks the position of the TUM landscape architecture in the German educational landscape.